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 Club Consitution (outdated)

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PostSubject: Club Consitution (outdated)   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:01 pm


Do you think you could put a copy of the Club Constitution on the forum so everyone can look at it?


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PostSubject: Re: Club Consitution (outdated)   Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:47 pm

Article I: Name
The Name of this organization shall be The Gaming Club (MCC Chapter)

Article II Purpose:
Our purpose is to promote the culture of gaming into a more socially acceptable form of recreation and entertainment and to explore, play and discuss interactive media such as video games, role playing games, and board games.

Article III: Membership
A. A Game Club member must be a Muskegon Community College student maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or above. The Gaming Club believes that while games both social and otherwise are a worthwhile activity, the importance of education comes first and foremost.
B. Members are required to pay dues of $10.00 per year, attend at least one meeting and at least one event per term. Officers are required to attend at least 50% of meetings, except in the case of work or class, and are required to attend at least one event per term.
C. Members of the Gaming Club will have the right to vote on normal business, vote for officers, and present ideas for events and policies.
D. Termination of membership will be executed upon non-attendance of 50% of meetings and events over a single term or non-payment of dues, or failure to adhere to the "good sportsman" policy. Appropriate behavior is MANDATORY.
a. Termination is put forth by the current acting officers and agreed upon by the adviser.
b. Reinstatement can be achieved by collective vote for the membership.

Article IV: Officers
a. The GM is responcible for taking a leadership role in organizing events, presiding over meetings, and facilitating votes whenever they are held. In the case of the absence of the GM for whatever reason, the Prestidigitator and Cartographer will be responsible for co-chairing meetings.
ii. To be eligible for the position of Game Master, a nominee must be maintaining at least nine(9) credit hours at Muskegon Community College and a GPA of 2.75 of higher, and have paid their annual club dues. All nominees must have previously been a member of the Gaming Club for at least one(1) semester.
ii. The Game Master shall be elected to a term of one year at a time.
B. Prestidigitator
a. The Prestidigitator is responsible for taking care of the financial aspects of the Gaming Club. He will be responsible for noting changes in the funds of the club, keeping track of the available funds, and organizing receipts.
i. To be eligible for the position of Prestidigitator, a nominee must be maintaining at least nine(9) credit hours at Muskegon Community College and a GPA of 2.75 of higher, and have paid their annual club dues.
ii. The Prestidigitator shall be elected to a term of one year at a time.
C. Cartographer
a. The cartographer is responsible for taking notes during the meetings and producing minutes to be published and brought to the next meeting. He will also be responsible for doing event summaries, He will be the primary keeper of the club's membership logs, and will be responsible for ensuring that a quorum has been established at votes.
i. To be eligible for the position of Cartographer a nominee must be maintaining at least nine(9) credit hours at Muskegon Community College and a GPA of 2.75 of higher, and have paid their annual club dues.
ii. The Cartographer shall be elected to a term of one year at a time.

Article V: Election of Officers
A. Officers will be elected by popular vote of the club.
B. To be eligible for the position of Cartographer or Prestigitator, a nominee must be maintaining at least nine(9) credit hours at MCC, and maintaining a 2.75 GPA or higher.
a. Responsibilities of the Prestidgitator
i. The Prestidigitator shall be responsible for maintaining the accounting records for the Gaming Club, as well as collecting funds and depositing them in the proper storage location.
b. Responsibilities of the Cartographer
i. The Cartographer shall be responsible for taking notes and maintaining minutes of each meeting. He shall also be teh primary correspondent for any written web presence the club may be maintaining (blogs, website, etc...)
C. To be eligible for teh position of GM, a nominee must be maintaining at least nine(9) credit hours at MCC, and maintain a 2.75 GPA or above. The nominee must also have been a member of the Gaming Club for at least 1 term previously.
a. Responsibilities of the GM.
i. The GM is responsible for the general overseeing of the club. He shall facilitate the meetings, votes, and preside over the all non-voting desisions, should they come up. He will be the primary interface with administration, when the neeed presents itself.
D. Removal of Officers
a. Should there be an need for the Cartographer or Prestidigitator be removed from office, a vote shall be held. 2/3 majority will pass the motion. In special circumstances, the advisor may overrule or circumvent this vote.
b. Should there be a need for the GM to be removed from office, teh Prestidigitator and the Cartographer must bring the idea to the advisor, who will then call for a vote. The advisor reserves the right to overrule or circumvent this vote in extraordinary circumstances.
E. Early Leave from Office.
a. Should an officer resign his office or be removed from his office before the end of his term, a special meeting will be called to elect new officers. Should a quorum failed to be established at this special meeting, then new officers will be elected at the next regular meeting.
F. Term Limits
a. All officers shall be elected for two(2) terms at a time.

Article VI: Advisor
A. The advisor's internal role is to be responsible for overseeing events, the allocation of funds, and ensure adherence to procedure.
B. the advisor's external role is to assist with the facilitation of events and event locations, as well as to coordinate with faculty, staff and other organizations.

Article VII: Meetings
A. There will be two meetings of the Game Club each month, currently in the Blue and Gold room, with any location changes to be announced at meetings. These meetings will, whenever possible, be held every other week.
B. Special meetings may be called as specified in other articles of this charter. To call such a meeting, one week's notice must be given to all members, with location and topic specified before-hand. This notice will be given via e-mail, and will be issued by either the GM or the advisor.
C. 51% of the club or greater will dictate a quorum to conduct business.

Article VIII: Funds
A. The annual dues for membership shall be $10.
B. Funds shall be raised by collection of dues, enterence fees for events, and any other appropriate fund raisers that are deemed appropriate for the size, scope, and goals of our organization.
C. Funds may only be allocated by either two officers, or by the advisor. Funds may be allocated for the purchase of hew hardware, software, or peripherals, as well as for event and meeting related expences such as food and drink. Allocation of funds must be approved by the advisor. Should unforseen expenses, or currently undefined expenses, come up, their approval will be up to the officers and advisor.
D. In order to access funds, two officers must be present to sign the funds out. Withdrawals of more than $100 require the approval of the advisor.

Article IX: Affiliations
A. There are currently no affiliations with local, state, or national organization. However, there is an intention to possibly establish such an organization in the future, with the MCC Chapter as the progenitor chapter.
B. There are currently no rules established that the Gaming Club adheres to, besides the general rule of good sportsmanship, for pur purposes, is defined as follows:

A good sport does not belittle, does not insult, does not instigate. He refrains from using terms that others would find offensive or otherwise demeaning. He wins humbly and accepts defeat gracefully. He is helpful and, when playing on a team, acts in a manner that is beneficial to his team. A good sport is someone who others should enjoy gaming with.

Article X: Amendments
A. Amendments shall be presented to the officers, who will collaborate with teh advisor to determin the proper wording of the amendments, as well as their necessity. These amendments will then be brought to the club to vote on. To pass an amendment, 75% of the members will constitute a quorum. A 2/3 majority will carry the motion to amend this document.

Article XI: Bylaws
A. Bylaws shall be voted on by the members, They will be presented to the officers, and then brought to a vote at the next meeting, A majority must be attained to pass a new bylaw. They will be added to the separate document, entitled "Gaming Club Bylaws", and organized similarly ot this document.

This is the origional Gaming Club constitution that was given out to members in the winter semester so if any changes happened since then, they're not here. Well, I'm tired and my hands are cramping so g'night.
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PostSubject: Re: Club Consitution (outdated)   Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:44 am it sounds like I should ask for administrative powers here on the boards so I can properly maintain it. It also sounds like I'm gonna have to go through and make sure our Constitution is up-to-date (for example, we have 2 meetings every week, not one every two weeks.)

Also, Cartographer sounds a lot cooler than Secretary. I'd rather be a map-maker than a coffee-fetcher. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Club Consitution (outdated)   

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Club Consitution (outdated)
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