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 Board Games for Sale

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PostSubject: Board Games for Sale   Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:55 pm

A friend of mine has a bunch of board games for sale. Here is a copy of the information he sent me:

Quote :

Okay, here's the rundown.

These are games that I either don't think I'll play and/or don't like.

As a word of advice, if your group is new to boardgames, I think Fantasy Flight Games are a great way to enter the hobby. Their production values are second to none and their games are dripping with theme. This is usually what people who are kinda geeky but don't know much about board games are looking for.

1. Tide of Iron
This is Fantasy Flight's flagship game. Lots of potential and lots of expansions. I have the base game. I never played it. Most of the pieces are still unpunched or unopened.

2. Tannhauser: Nazis + zombies = gaming goodness. I got a used copy that I traded for. My group isn't interested in playing it. This is a FFG game also.

3. Attack!: a card driven WWII game...vis-a-vis Axis and Allies. I don't have the expansion but the expansion is available on ebay for cheap. The base game pits the UK, US, USSR and Germany against one another. Comes with hundreds of plastic models, most still on the sprues.

4. Bootleggers: I really liked this game until I played it a bunch. With 5 or 6, this is a really good game.

I also have a bunch of other games that are more Euro in nature. They are games that I didn't much care for so I put them on the trading block.
5. Alea Iacta Est
6. Cornucopia
7. Elasund
8. Key to the Kingdom
9. Livingstone
10. Pony Express
11. Vikings

I would sell all of these for $200. Let me know if you guys are interested!

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Board Games for Sale
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